Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Future Quilt

Valorie Wells is one of my favorite designers who lives in Eastern Oregon. Pictured is a group of Flannel fabric that I think would make a stunning and cozy quilt. I'm always looking ahead.

AND, since management of my apartment complex just bestowed a spare storeroom on me which I plan to turn into my studio, I'll be expanding my horizons. My generous niece, Lanni from Bellingham, is bringing me a long arm quilting machine on Friday so I'll now be able to finish my quilts professionally--and raise my prices

So if you see something on my etsy site, you like, jump in there, kids, before I price myself out of business.

BTW, if you do buy something from me on etsy, where is asks for buyer comments, mention Linda's Blog and get 25% off anything in the shop. Such a deal--just for reading.

Keep reading as I'm getting all prepared to do a How-To article.

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