Monday, August 31, 2009

Day after yesterday

Title implys that it's today; just a more creative way of saying it. You'll see on Facebook by my photos that I pretty well got my bathroom back together today. I reinstalled the towel racks which involved wall anchors, etc. I had a lot of redos. Thank the good Lord for cordless screwdrivers.

Tomorrow as it will be payday, I will go upscale and take a road trip to WalMart and buy some green towels and then see how long it takes me to decide to use them and not just use them for decoration. I'm always saving stuff for "good." I've let more gourmet food get freezer burned by saving them for "good."

And, anyone seeing me and wondering why I should be nominated for "What Not to Wear" should understand that I'm saving my nice clothes for "good." They're out of style by now and I don't anticipate an invite to the next inaugural ball so I may never wear them.

I finally gave my set of china to Heather because I never used it because I was_____(fill in the blanks.)

So, tomorrow I'm going to try to make some fabric collages to hang in my bedroom to replace the red-themed pictures I had in there. Now that the bedroom is going through its "Green Period" I need to color coordinate the wall art. Otherwise I won't be able to sleep in that room.

The good news and the bad news is that I'll be taking photos and post them on here when I'm done. Something for you all to live for.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I finally finished painting the freakin' bathroom. Picture this 70 year old trying to reach behind the toilet with a long-handled paint brush. Like who looks back there, anyway? But if they do, by gum, they'll see that it was cut in perfectly along the baseboard. WooHoo.

I just know that I'll be sitting much more comfortably on a toilet that has virtual artwork behind it. People will come from miles around to see it and the media will be hounding me for an interview. Next stop--Oprah.

Stay tuned for what exciting adventures I may experience tomorrow.