Sunday, May 13, 2012


     More like Thanksgiving instead of Mother''s Day--as it should be.  This afternoon I'll be comfortably ensconsed in a comfy patio chair under my daughter, Hayley's, new market umbrella on her deck.  One of the true miracles here in the Northwest is that we'll have gorgeous wather for it--what could be better?

     I'll tell you what could be better--nothing.  Off the deck will be a soft quilt on the grass in the shade upon which will reside one-year-old granddaughter, Allyson and three-month-old great-granddaughter, Sophia, kicking and playing in the soft breeze.

     Bouncing high and wide on the trampoline will be 10-year-old grandson, Danniel and 12-year-old grandson Mateo.

     Never in the same spot for one second will be four-year-old grandson, Dayton, who is missing his deployed daddy, Dan.  Supervising the proceedings will be sleepy 15 (?) year old Shania.  And of course, mommy to Sophia, 18-year-old granddaughter, Christie.

     Can't keep all those straight?  Doesn't matter.  What does matter is that they're all there for a special mother's day.

     In the center of the pile is what started this gathering:  my twins Hayley and Heather.  They allowed me to provide some of the food as I love to cook for the brood.  BBQ's ribs, Hashbrown and cheese casserole and pork and beans.  They will be contributing side dishes like pasta salad, chicken and heaven only know what else.  And Chad, Hayley's tolerant and long-suffering husband will be manning the grill.

     I'm wishing my Oregon-based daughter, Camela and her son, Zeno, could have been here also, but that long drive has to be saved for really big special occasions.  Miss you, Cam.

     For a "Blog" this is probably totally dull to most people reading it, but there seem to be few ways to express how very much my family means to me.  These are the kind of occasions that seem routine at the time, but will be remembered forever.

     I'll keep it simple and just say, "I hope you all know how much I love you and appreciate you."

Love, Mom