Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Future Posts

I'm excited about by new blog. I always assumed that personal blogs were only to report that the kiddies started school, or that we just got back from our vacation and that's why I originally titled my blog, "Who Cares?"

But in the future, I plan to feature subjects such as:
1. Recipe of the week--anyone who knows me that I'm passionate not only about quilting but cooking. I'll be sharing some of my personal favorites that people have begged me for and tips on how to make them perfect.
2. How-to's--tutorials on some of the decorating I've done which were innovative, attractive and economical. One of the first will be how to change the color of a formica countertop for less than $10. It's amazing how simple it is.
3. Etsy item of the week--the etsy site features categories such as "geekery," "art," "everything else," and "vintage." One of the new waves is "Steampunk" which is a new take on the old Punk Rockers, Goth, and just, plain weird. (I'll hear from someone on that one!)
4. E-mail of the week--just like everyone else, I get many interesting forwards in my mail box and there are some that are actually worth passing along.
5. Personal profundities--(is that even a word?) the nice thing about a blog is we can editorialize with no penalty. So I will exercise my right to express my outspoken opinion on various and sundry (what is sundry) subjects. Be comforted that it will not include politics, religion, sex or money. All of the former I have no expertise on.

I hope I'll continue to attract more followers and for those of you who have signed up, thank you. I'll try never to bore and hope you'll suggest me to your friends, family and neighbors.


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