Thursday, October 15, 2009


So, here's the quilt that was ordered by the repeat customer who wanted a copy of her previous purchase but in pink. The focus fabric is still by her favorite fabric designer, Anna Maria Horner. It's from her "Good Folks" collection. Before I got involved in current trends in the fabric world, I simply chose my fabrics according to what color caught my eye. Or what was on sale; or what was in my closet leftover from previous quilts.

What an education I've had. My modus operandi now is to find a grouping of fabrics offered by a current popular designer. I order small amounts online and when I receive it I go to a retail store and buy coordinating fabrics to fill in the bare spots, borders and backing. Even using my coupons, I usually spend at least $50 for the materials.

While pre-ironing all the fabrics, I could tell the difference just by feel between the cheap stuff and the actual quilting fabric. Now, I'm completely spoiled and my customers in turn will be spoiled.

Just wanted you all to see the results of trying to duplicate a quilt but make it different! Enjoy.


Ginnie said...

The quilts are gorgeous, but you really need to charge more. At least double your materials costs. AS you list new ones, just start bumping up the prices, and eventually they will be higher and no one will notice. (At least that is my theory.)

Today's Baby said...

This quilt was the third one this customer has ordered and I wouldn't raise the price for her as she's been such a loyal and consistent buyer. However, my next quilt will be an Amy Butler Abstract which I plan to machine quilt with Lanni's machine. That one will be priced much higher because of the labor which will go into it. Stay tuned. I appreciate the suggestions. Thanks.

Renée Anne Bouffard-McManus said...

Your quilts are gorgeous! I love that you use designer fabrics! Love your blog background too!